The “Curly Girl Method” Primer

According to Lorraine Massey — author of Curly Girl — The Handbook and guru of The Curly Girl Method, emulsifying sodium lauryl sulfate shampoos tend to strip, dry and frizz curly, kinky and coily hair textures. “You’d… Continue reading

14 ingredients you’ll need to start your organic journey

Going organic is a process. It’s done in stages. Just as you know the foods you’re allergic to or those you don’t agree with, you have to acquaint yourself with the ingredients that… Continue reading

Naturals and Neo-Naturals — the evolution of a new movement

Let me start by telling you my assessment of what a Natural is. As a late baby-boomer — born in 1960 — I grew up in the thick of the Civil Rights Movement. By time… Continue reading

Can the Skin Absorb Cosmetic Chemicals?

In the past year, I’ve read several articles debunking assumptions that cosmetic chemicals such as phthalates and parabens can be absorbed into the skin. Believe it or not, I recently read a blog… Continue reading