ALFS 30-Day Go-All-Organic Challenge 

Week #1: Checking your hair’s vital signs  I know. You can’t wait to put on your apron, transform your kitchen into a cosmetic chemistry lab and cook up homemade hair miracles that will turn… Continue reading

Get Started With 5 No-Poo Hair Wash Base Recipes 

For thousands of years, women throughout the world washed their hair with the ingredients available to them.  They didn’t need foaming shampoos with sulfates or soaps made with lye to clean their hair.… Continue reading

From the Store Shelf to the Kitchen: Transitioning to Organic DIY Hair Care

If you’re a creature of habit, changing your hair care routine is like moving from New York City to Wyoming. It’s pert-near traumatic. Whether you’re adventurous, experimental or addicted to monotony, remember you’re… Continue reading

Hair Rinses and Their Little-Known Benefits

When I think of rinses, I don’t think of hair color rinses. Hair rinses add medicinal and nutritional value to your hair. Think of it this way: you drink liquids everyday. They supplement your diet. Heck,… Continue reading

Countdown to ALFS Neo-Natural 30-Day Go-All-Organic Challenge!!

Have you ever wanted a hair product tailored just for you, your chemistry and your hair needs? Have you ever thought about doing a hair-product fast and paring down to the basics? Are… Continue reading

ALFS 7-step weekly hair care template for the uninitiated

The Curly Girl Method may be a basic template  for curly/kinky/coily hair care, but neo-naturals have their own spin on it.  As I’ve perused the top natural hair video logs and blogs over the… Continue reading