ALFS Recipe Book: Avocado-Yogurt Mask

Dry, brittle hair?  Hair breaking? Try an avocado mask. Avocado practically reigns supreme as a hair and skin moisturizer. That’s because it’s rich in fatty acids and vitamins B and E — the… Continue reading

ALFS Spotlight: Naptural85

The first time I watched Naptural85’s hair washing video on YouTube I was hooked … and I’m a hard sell. I and my silvering multi- textured hair were in limbo.  I retaliated by… Continue reading

Moisture/Protein Balance: the Key to Optimum Hair Health

Hair needs two things to thrive: protein and water. Depending on your hair type — especially its porosity and density — it may have too much or too little protein or moisture. The… Continue reading

Gelatin Protein Recipes For Hair Strength, Recovery and Retention

Your hair is brittle and dry or limp and lifeless.  No body. No spring to your curls. You look down as you style and gasp. Tips of your hair are falling like autumn leaves… Continue reading

Introducing the ALFS Spotlight: Green Beauty Channel

There’s a universe known by an adventurous few that I call YouTube Beauty Universe. It’s vast and expansive. Within this ‘verse are quadrants — small clusters of planetoids populated by communities seeking answers… Continue reading

Hair Poroxity RX: What Your Hair Needs

Know Thy Hair Every head of hair is unique. So many variables factor into what makes your hair the way it is. Problem is a lot of us are at war with our… Continue reading