Spritzes: The Quick and Easy Hair Fix

Spritzes are underrated in my opinion. I mean, most of us devour the latest news in hair packs, masks and treatments. So it’s easy to overlook the power of the spritz.    … Continue reading

Aloe Vera

Region and History The stiff-leafed, prickly plant is indigenous to eastern and southern Africa and other tropical locations such as Central and South America, India and the Middle East, according to the Herbal… Continue reading

Good ‘Ole Standby: Egg, Mayo and Honey Mask

Ever wondered what’s in mayonnaise? Here’s a hint: Eggs, oil and lemon juice or vinegar. So now you know in case you want to whip up your own salad dressing. Add another whole,… Continue reading

ALFS History in Color: Ancient Roman Diversity

“Black Woman with Coiffure in the style of the Trajanic Period.” How’s this for ancient African natural hairstyling? According to the blog┬áPeople of Color in European Art History,┬áthis marble bust dates back to… Continue reading

ALFS Spotlight: essentials4you

Finally. Another gray babe. That was my knee-jerk reaction when I stumbled upon YouTuber Liz Chase’s channel, essentials4you. I got that comforting comrade-in-arms feeling when you spot another babyboomer in a crowd of… Continue reading

What I learned from the first 30-Day Go-All-Organic Challenge

Today marks the end of the first ALFS 30-Day Go All Organic Challenge. For my part, this challenge changed and changed and changed again. I didn’t mind. I approached this as a classroom,… Continue reading