Official Launch of the ALFS Expansion Crowdfunding Campaign!!

It begins!! Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense has several new projects in the works over the next year. Why? For one thing, I’ve noticed in my research that there’s no one-stop online resource that… Continue reading

ALFS Expansion Crowdfunding Campaign Launch Rescheduled for Sunday, Oct 5th

Nothing’s more annoying than anticipating plans that end up being postponed. I mean, sometimes it can drive you to tears. That’s what happened to me this past Tuesday, the day before the launch… Continue reading

No-Poo Living: The Pros and Cons of Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

About a month ago, my daughter shared with our Facebook group her hair cleansing success with a combination of baking soda followed by an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse. I shuddered. Don’t get… Continue reading

ALFS Launches October 1st GoFundMe Campaign for Expansion!!

I’m excited to announce Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense’s GoFundMe Campaign will kick off October 1st  to raise funds for expansion. This blog — through which I teach women the health, beauty and economic… Continue reading

ALFS Spotlight: Roots4U45

Julie Vanburen is the epitome of modern folk sense. As Roots4U45, she teaches everything we want to know about homemade beauty and natural remedies but didn’t have a clue what to ask.  Her… Continue reading

Almond Oil (Sweet)

  Region and History According to, there are two types of almonds: bitter and sweet, and they originated in the Levant region — between Anatolia and Egypt — of the Middle East.… Continue reading