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Your Color Signature, Pt. 2: Your “Season”

It’s been nearly 40 years since Carole Jackson rolled out Color Me Beautiful — her guide to optimum colors for your wardrobe, hair color and makeup. Now … before you crinkle your nose… Continue reading

Your Color Signature: Know Your Undertone Pt. 1

Ever talked your stylist into giving you that hair color you fell in love with in a magazine only to find out it didn’t look ‘like that’ on you? Ever borrowed your best… Continue reading

Shades of Sepia: Why scientists say you’re the color you are

According to Biological Anthropologist and Paleobiologist Nina Jablonski, the story behind the range in human skin color is a story of evolution … and it goes like this: In theory, humans evolved from… Continue reading

Skin Care Essentials: 7-Step Skin Care Routine

A good at-home skin care routine isn’t just about pampering yourself (uh … who doesn’t love a luxurious beauty day?). I know, I know … some of you frugal, practical types (like me)… Continue reading

Your Personal Beauty Care: A Layered Approach

Isn’t it funny how many of us compartmentalize things? I mean, when it comes to beauty, it’s easy to think only of what we put on our hair, skin and body that makes us… Continue reading