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Maintaining Moisture: The LOC and LCO Methods Deconstructed

Okay … so I’ve been thinking … The popular LOC textured hair moisturizing method — introduced by Alikay founder Rochelle Campbell in 2011 — is a popular “thing” for moisture retention. For those… Continue reading

Humectants and Hair: A Cosmetic Chemist Breaks Down the Science

Humectants are substances or ingredients with specific molecules that syphon water from the environment. They’re different from oils because they attract water molecules to bond with them so they penetrate and stay in… Continue reading

Beer: The Best Kept Hair Secret

According to legend, the very first beer came from an ancient Sumerian (Iraqi), who left a loaf of bread out until the yeast fermented, giving him quite a buzz.  From: “Beer History — Facts… Continue reading

Clay and Mud Hair Masques and Washes

Ever had a cool, smooth, luxurious mud pack at an exclusive spa? Me neither. But, I found a way to give myself this mineral-rich, skin firming and hair purifying treatment every week. And… Continue reading

Spritzes: The Quick and Easy Hair Fix

I was going over my tried and true recipes and thought I’d share these with new members! Skin and body spritz recipes coming soon!

Curlies, Kinkies and Coilies: The Do’s and Don’ts of Heat Straightening Your Hair

By Montinique Lewis, ALFS Guest Contributor Although we enjoy wearing our natural God-given halo, sometimes we like to switch our hairstyle and turn our curls and coils into straight bouncy hair. Here are… Continue reading