Official Launch of the ALFS Expansion Crowdfunding Campaign!!

Aunt Lucy profileIt begins!!

Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense has several new projects in the works over the next year.

Why? For one thing, I’ve noticed in my research that there’s no one-stop online resource that provides comprehensive information on common and organic ingredients — good, bad or indifferent — found in store-bought and used in homemade beauty products. It’s not that such websites don’t exist, it’s that they’re not comprehensive.

Let’s face it. Not all ingredients work for everyone. Genetics, hair and skin type, climate, diet, region and health all factor into what works best for each individual. Most of what exists targets hair and skin types common to some people but not common to others.

It’s time to rectify that. Everyone should be able find quick, accessible and reliable information about what’s best for them and their specific hair, skin and body needs. That’s why Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense’ is undergoing a face lift over the next year.

Excited? You should be. I am, too. That’s why you’re invited to get in on the ground floor of ALFS’ reconstruction.  Help us lead women worldwide in their Journey to Beautiful!

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