ALFS Expansion Crowdfunding Campaign Launch Rescheduled for Sunday, Oct 5th

redshirtupdoNothing’s more annoying than anticipating plans that end up being postponed. I mean, sometimes it can drive you to tears.

That’s what happened to me this past Tuesday, the day before the launch of the ALFS Expansion Crowdfunding Campaign. As I was putting the finishing touches to everything, my little 11 year-old laptop — my lone connection to the cyber world — got sick and nearly crashed. Thanks to my personal go-to geek squad, my old laptop will soldier on!!

That’s why the ALFS expansion campaign will kick off Sunday, October 5th.

No worries. I’m excited despite this temporary setback. I decided to take a few extra days to comb through everything in the campaign to make sure all of you supporters are given utmost attention. After all, your contributions will launch something that’s never been done before!

Moreover, the expansion will begin as the campaign progresses. So, there’s a website to design and build, a final book draft to finish and publish and a YouTube channel to build.

So, get ready. Sunday we’ll take a Journey to Beautiful through ancient and traditional paths while equipped with 21st century science. I promise you, it’s gonna be worth it!!

And on the way, join the Neo Natural Homemade Beauty Tribe for tips, tricks, challenges and tidbits on how to feed your hair, skin and body the organic DIY way!

See you Sunday!!