ALFS Launches October 1st GoFundMe Campaign for Expansion!!

carhair2I’m excited to announce Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense’s GoFundMe Campaign will kick off October 1st  to raise funds for expansion.

This blog — through which I teach women the health, beauty and economic benefits of making their own beauty products — began as a fun project and labor of love. Yet, it’s morphing into so much more. So, I’ve committed to giving ALFS readers and followers what they crave.  I’m launching new projects by Summer 2015:

ALFS Website

ALFS has already outgrown this blog. It’s time to design a stand-alone site with a database of organic ingredients such as herbs, essential oils, butters, waxes, oils, etc. The database will also include potentially toxic and hazardous ingredients to avoid as well as a list of dietary elements and supplements.

In addition, site visitors will be able to find detailed instructions — both in blog and video form — on how to make their own lotions, tinctures, balms, hair gels, shampoos, etc. plus new and exciting hair, skin, body and fragrance tips and secrets from around the world.

Guide to DIY Hair Care E-workbook

 I’m currently writing a step-by-step guide to testing your hair type, texture, porosity, density and strength so you can identify your hair’s specific needs. The book also suggests organic ingredients and recipes to address your specific hair needs.

The idea is for you to become more knowledgeable about your hair than your hairdresser without having to go to cosmetology school.

I’m also planning an accompanying Hair Health DIY Checklist
PDF itemizing ingredients, utensils and supplies you need to transition from store-bought to homemade.  If all goes smoothly,  the e-workbook and checklist will be released Summer 2015.

Pinterest for ALFS Recipes and Instagram

In addition to ALFS’ other social media platforms, Pinterest and Instagram will require better quality original photo production and photo-editing. That means I need better camera and editing equipment than I currently have. These should be up and running in early 2015.

YouTube Channel Pre-Production

It’s inevitable. Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense will need to provide video tutorials for recipes, tips and detailed visual explanations of my “beauty layering” approach to skin, hair and body care. The YouTube launch should happen at the end of 2015.

Nothing Like it

Most people know that kinky/coily hair needs different things than oily, straight hair and vice versa. While some argue that hair and skin variations aren’t exclusively the result of ethnic differences, there are indisputable characteristics that are common from ethnicity to ethnicity. There are also similarities we all share.

It’s a place where natural beauty and science from around the world is consolidated.

Peruse the web and you’ll find beauty sites — including DIY organic beauty sites — addressing beauty issues common to one ethnic group but not the others.  That’s not Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense’s path. Rather, here’s a place where all the natural beauty resources of the world can be shared with all the women in the planet. Here, you’ll learn:

  • How organic ingredients can prevent disease and improve overall health
  • Which ingredients to avoid
  • Folk ways, traditions and natural practices in beauty and health
  •  Methods and approaches to organic hair, skin and body care that combine traditional folk wisdom and science
  • Beauty tips, tricks, treatments, ingredients, recipes and regimens practiced around the world
  • How to address beauty challenges and issues specific to women (and men) of Latino, African, Asian, European and Native American descent that aren’t addressed in the general “organic” and “curly hair” movements
  • Health and beauty tips for menopausal and aging women (and men) and those with serious medical and mental/emotional issues that effect their hair and skin.

Most importantly, Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense strives to heal distorted and broken self-images and help women to love what they see in the mirror.

This is a big step. I  need updated equipment, software, materials, supplies, assistance and other things to make this work. But I know Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense has an important mission to promote natural health, beauty and a balm to the soul.

So, join me on the road to beautiful!!