ALFS Spotlight: Roots4U45


Julie Vanburen is the epitome of modern folk sense.

As Roots4U45, she teaches everything we want to know about homemade beauty and natural remedies but didn’t have a clue what to ask.  Her knowledge base is so vast — clearly genetically inherited from her Tennessee country roots. Or maybe it’s in the soil. Who knows?

Whatever the case, she’s got good instincts and is well-versed in practical science. She doesn’t just tell you which ingredients to use but why you should use them.

According to her “about,” Vanburen says she didn’t anticipate the direction of her YouTube channel when it began October, 2011.

” …  I started a channel thinking I would talk only about hair. Little did I know my obsessive interest in herbs,herbal, health and simple homemade, organic products would be my focus. I make 99% of my hair, skin and cleaning products in my own kitchen. I know we are all wanting to live healthier,simpler and much more frugal lives.”

Since then, she’s gained a modest but loyal following — about 9,000 — from around the world. For those would-be herbalists who follow her, she’s a worthy guru.  Her 3-part lesson titled “Show Me Your Herb” is a great guide to go-to beauty recipe ingredients stocked in her country kitchen.

Her recipes — especially her mud washes —  show up in posts and video logs from all corners of the natural hair and organic living communities. Here’s her Lavender Mud Wash recipe:

VanBuren doesn’t stop at hair care recipes. Her visual recipe book includes facial scrubs, masks, beard oil for men and, more recently, a secret to reducing swelling using corn silk and cobs left over from her garden:

Her amateur videos are well-shot (I believe her husband and sons are her cameramen). Her big ‘ole kitchen is the perfect set for her cooking episodes. And she’s wonderfully comfortable, folksy and articulate in front of the camera. In an ideal world, I can see her starring in her own network show.

Until then, she’s a best-kept-secret for her small band of loyal followers and one of the most insightful organic DIY resources on YouTube.