Good ‘Ole Standby: Egg, Mayo and Honey Mask

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Ever wondered what’s in mayonnaise?

Here’s a hint: Eggs, oil and lemon juice or vinegar. So now you know in case you want to whip up your own salad dressing.

Add another whole, unseparated egg and honey to two tablespoons of mayonnaise, and you’ve got a rich conditioning hair mask that deeply moisturizes, restores elasticity and strengthens your hair. If your hair is thinning, heat or chemical damaged, it’s one of the most reliable DIY hair repair treatments there are.

Eggs are a complete food rich in vitamins A, D and E, biotin, fatty acids, sulfur and other trace minerals. It’s also a perfect protein source when eaten. However,  egg protein molecules are too large to penetrate the hair shaft to fortify the cortex. But, the protein molecules, when bonded with the fatty acids and the humectant properties of honey, coat the hair shaft and lower cuticles.

Honey is also a miraculous superfood that benefits the body from head to toe. Beyond it’s irresistible sweet taste, honey is a proven anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory healer. Believe it or not, it’s a common medical treatment to quicken healing for burn victims. Honey is also an amazing skin and hair moisturizer and humectant — which means it locks in moisture.

This basic recipe is good for all hair types. You can use store-bought or homemade whipped mayonnaise using this recipe:

2 egg yolks

1 cup oil (olive, grapeseed or canola)

3 tbs lemon juice or vinegar

Combine the ingredients and use an electric mixer to mix until frothy.

Egg, Mayo and Honey Mask 

2 to 3 tbs mayonnaise

1 whole egg (2 if your hair is should blade length or longer)

2 tbs honey

Optional: 1 tbs olive oil if you have low hair porosity and excessive dryness.

Mix ingredients to the consistency of cake or pancake batter. This is messy and drippy so you’ll want to drape a towel over your neck and shoulders. Section hair and, using your hands, slather the mixture onto each section until whole head is saturated. Cover with a plastic cap and leave in for 30 minutes (medium porosity, normal hair) to an hour (high porosity, fragile, damaged hair). Rinse, co-wash, condition and style as usual.

Curly, kinky  and coily, fine and porous hair types can benefit from using this mask twice monthly. Men and women with, low porous hair can use this treatment monthly with added oil.

In the world of common DIY hair treatments known as hair miracles, this one definitely lives up to the hype.