ALFS Spotlight: essentials4you

Finally. Another gray babe.

Liz Chase, a.k.a. essentials4you, sporting her typically perfect 2-strand twist-out.

Liz Chase, a.k.a. essentials4you, sporting her typically perfect 2-strand twist-out.

That was my knee-jerk reaction when I stumbled upon YouTuber Liz Chase’s channel, essentials4you. I got that comforting comrade-in-arms feeling when you spot another babyboomer in a crowd of millennial hipsters.

There aren’t that many mature hair vloggers out there in the YouTube beauty universe. Even fewer specialize in textured hair care. But more and more gray babes like me are joining the ranks. Thanks to vloggers like Chase.

Unlike her 20 and 30-something counterparts, 55 year-old Chase addresses the issue for mature women: gray hair.  While taking us through her hair journey from relaxers to zero chemicals, she takes us through her journey from hair dying to going gray.

About a year ago, Chase teamed up with other fledgling YouTubers to form the Mature Natural Sisters project. Alas, after a strong effort, the project fizzled out.

She’s not a militant granola-and-berries organic by any means. Rather, she demonstrates common hair care and styling methods popularized in the last five years by the natural hair community such as wash ‘n’ go’s, 2-strand twist-outs and bantu knots. Shot from her Pittsburg, California home, Chase shows us these methods work just as well for the over-50’s set.

She also posts great recipe ideas such as her simple Blue Conditioner (using blue food coloring) to color-correct gray hair yellowing and her version of Aloe Butter (she adds bee’s wax). While I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet, I suspect it’s a great DIY curl definer for wash ‘n’ go’s.

essentials4you Aloe Butter Recipe Tutorial

Chase uses a mixture of products — both store bought and homemade. She’s just tells us what works for her and her family; and maybe it’ll work for you too.

Chase is also blessed with good genes. She’s lovely and obviously aging gracefully. Her curly/coily hair is silver-streaked. No visible hint of excessive hair loss or thinning from alopecia, menopause or chemotherapy suffered by many of us babyboomers.  In that way, she appeals to a broader audience of natural women over 40.

To me, she’s among a growing community of babyboomer beauty pioneers.