What I learned from the first 30-Day Go-All-Organic Challenge

carhair2Today marks the end of the first ALFS 30-Day Go All Organic Challenge.

For my part, this challenge changed and changed and changed again. I didn’t mind. I approached this as a classroom, a learning curve. Despite the fits and starts, I learned something during this first challenge.

This beta test was an opportunity for me to brain drain everything I know about the foundations of hair knowledge such as anatomy, porosity, moisture/protein balance and hair typing. I believe that before you can take control of your hair care you have to have hair knowledge. More importantly, you have to know your hair.

What we women really want is a step-by-step program to learn our hair. Although you don’t need a course in cosmetology, you do need foundational knowledge and know-how.

With that in mind, I’m working on a plan to help you understand your hair and its needs so you can create a workable routine and use the products and ingredients that are best for you hair and lifestyle. It’ll take a little time, but it’ll be worth it.

Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense is a little more than two months old. So, it’s got all the time in the world to grow. In fact, I can’t wait to share with you new projects in the works.

If you didn’t quite catch on to the challenge, don’t worry. There will be more. And you’ll be armed with everything you need to begin your journey to healthy beauty.