ALFS Spotlight: Naptural85


Boston-based Whitney White a.k.a. Naptural85

The first time I watched Naptural85’s hair washing video on YouTube I was hooked … and I’m a hard sell.

I and my silvering multi- textured hair were in limbo.  I retaliated by flat-ironing my hair for six months without mercy.  My daughter pleaded with me to let her practice on me techniques she learned from Naptural85 .  In my  mother-knows-best way, I gently dismissed her until she plopped her laptop on the table and played the video.

Boston-based vlogger Whitney White — a married young mother, freelance graphic artist and the face of Naptural85 — is flat-out adorable.  Most impressively, she’s herself.  An honest and earnest young thing — not much older than my children — White demonstrates hair care how-to’s with sunny simplicity.  She won me over.

tumblr_nap85Turns out, I’m not the only one. After five years and nearly 494,000 subscribers, White hasn’t devolved into an urban BET-esque style diva. She occupies another planet in the “natural hair” quadrant of the YouTube beauty universe — that of the down-to-earth organic.

She’s strictly DIY — preferring her own kitchen-made mud washes, oil mixes and whipped shea butters over store-bought. Watch a few of her videos from her vlog diary DearNaptural85 and you’ll see she’s committed to living organically.

White also takes the mystery out of textured hair styling while introducing breezy do’s. In fact, she single-handedly brokered a cease fire with my hair.  She expanded my 1970’s natural hair stylebook of afros, afro puffs, blow-outs and micro-braids.  That’s why I’m a fan.

Her videos are well-produced without appearing sultry or slick. No sexy siren poses. She pokes fun at herself. She also let’s her viewers in and has taken flack for it.

In recent years, she revealed her home-life as is — messy rooms and all. Some subscribers chided her for it.  She didn’t apologize.  Bravo. She doesn’t seem to respond to African American cultural demands on her identity. She’s just her.

Among “natural hair” YouTube vloggers, few are all organic and DIY. Naptural85 is the standard bearer.

Voici her DIY Avocado and Banana Hair Mask Solution.










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