Introducing the ALFS Spotlight: Green Beauty Channel

There’s a universe known by an adventurous few that I call YouTube Beauty Universe.

It’s vast and expansive. Within this ‘verse are quadrants — small clusters of planetoids populated by communities seeking answers to their specific health and beauty questions from how to shape your eyebrows to how to grow  your hair an inch in three weeks.

One such planetoid is the “natural hair” community inhabited by women of color — mostly of African and Latino descent — who have tightly curled, kinked or coiled hair.  They’re part of the larger “curly girl” quadrant.

Another close neighbor in the quadrant is the “organic beauty” community. These inhabitants study their hair and skin and make products that support optimum beauty health.  Being the geek that I am, I guess you may say I live on that planet.

I want to introduce you to a dual citizen of the “organic beauty” and “natural hair” communities. Her name is Nikki Mokobia, a Nigerian American from New York, alias Green Beauty.

At the tender age of 28, she’s a refreshing voice in the “natural” YouTube community. No talking heads. She’s visual. She teaches rudimentary hair science with simple, easy-to-follow diagrams. Moreover, she has launched a small product line that includes an 8 oz. bottle of hydrolized wheat protein — a perfect protein source for making treatments, sprays and conditioners.

She’s not a “natural” vlogger A-lister. She’s not a superstar. But, in my opinion, she’s a shining star. She was recently featured in the WordPress blog Love ‘n’ Words.

Check out her Green Beauty Channel YouTube post “Why is Your Hair Nappy Explained”.