Slower Version of the ALFS 30-Day-Challenge

carhair2Hey Everyone!!

I love this 30-Day Go-All-Organic Challenge. It’s inspired me and many other followers of Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense.

But, as of today, I’m going to have to make changes to the plan.

You see, I discovered a close relative is very sick. So, my attentions will be focused on this family health crisis.

It doesn’t mean the 30-Day Challenge is cancelled. It means the posts I planned to write during the challenge won’t be as regular. It won’t be according to the original week-by-week schedule which went like this:

Week #1: Meet Your Hair

Week #2: Set Your Goals and Plan Your Hair Diet

Week #3: Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly Hair Menu

Week #4: Your New Regimen For Healthier Hair

Sure, I’ll still provide that information. But, instead of posting every other day, some posts may come after two or three days.

Here’s the good news: I’m writing an ALFS 30-Day Go-All-Organic eWorkbook.  So, those of you who are muddling through this first challenge with me are, in some way, the guinea pigs for the upcoming ebook. You’re on the ground floor of something special.

Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense is less than two months old so there’s a lot of ground to cover. There’s room to grow and there are many more challenges coming up.  In fact, I plan on doing several Go-All-Organic Challenges.

So, stay tuned. We’re just getting started.

–Sharon Shelton Corpening