From the Store Shelf to the Kitchen: Transitioning to Organic DIY Hair Care


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If you’re a creature of habit, changing your hair care routine is like moving from New York City to Wyoming. It’s pert-near traumatic.

Whether you’re adventurous, experimental or addicted to monotony, remember you’re not just changing your routine, you’re changing your approach.  The key is to plan ahead. So, keep these things in mind:

Schedule plenty of time for your washing days.

Give yourself time to learn recipes and techniques. Changing how you do your hair is like going on a diet. Your lifestyle changes. So bear that in mind.

Determine your hair needs.

Is your hair super dry at the ends? Then you need a gentle cleanser that delivers emollients.

Are you noticing broken ends in the sink? Then you need a strengthening and moisturizing cleanser that balances out your protein pack.

Do you have build up? Then you need a gentle clarifying cleanser that doesn’t strip your hair of moisture.  Knowing your hair’s condition and needs is the first step

2014-06-14 19.08.18

Basic ingredients in my whey protein-avocado pack.

Make a monthly hair diet plan.

Once you know what your hair is thirsty for, decide how you’ll feed it.

Say your hair has heat damage. That means your hair’s pH needs to be recalibrated with several consecutive weeks of an ACV rinse. Then you’ll need to alternate your protein treatments — a gelatin-based pack one week and an egg-based treatment the next. You may need a clay pack or clay wash once a month. You also need a mix of olive, avocado, coconut and castor oil to help maintain moisture.

As your hair heals, it’ll need different ingredients. So, be prepared to adjust your routine when your hair calls for it.

Don’t do it all at once. 

Do-it-yourself isn’t convenient. It takes time and patience. But, the benefits are well worth it. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to go completely DIY at once. Try a gradual approach. You can cleanse with a store-bought product one week and make your own cleanser the next.

2014-06-15 15.47.22

My hair after my whey protein-avocado pack.

Allow yourself a learning curve. 

Your on a path of discovery. You’re learning things you never knew about your natural, unprocessed and unaltered hair and you’re learning how to make things that nourish it. It took me nearly a year to get my hair diet down pat. So, take your time. It’s like trying out that new cake recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Don’t stress yourself out.

It’s a myth that making your own products are far more time consuming than buying them. Not necessarily. Once you understand ingredients and how they work in recipes, you’ll be on a roll.

Just be prepared to invest a little extra time in the beginning. It’s worth it to achieve the healthiest hair of your life!