Countdown to ALFS Neo-Natural 30-Day Go-All-Organic Challenge!!

Have you ever wanted a hair product tailored just for you, your chemistry and your hair needs?

Have you ever thought about doing a hair-product fast and paring down to the basics?

Are you suspicious of the ingredients in store-bought hair products but you don’t know what organic ingredients to use and how to use them?

Then, this challenge is for you!!!

Beginning August 1st and ending August 30th, Aunt Lucy’s Folk Sense is launching a 30 Day GO-ALL-Organic Challenge!!

Here’s an opportunity to learn first-hand and share with others:

  • Ingredients that work best for you
  • Recipes for rinses, co-washes, conditioners, gels and sprays
  • You optimum organic beauty routine

Don’t worry, you won’t go it alone. We’ll do it together.


First, become a follower and join the ALFS tribe by liking us on the ALFS Facebook page, Twitter and following this blog via email.  Anyone who likes us will be on the ground floor of a community destined to make a difference!!


  • Take and share your “before” photo on August 1st, photos of your recipes and methods during the challenge, and an “after” photo on September 1st.
  • Keep abreast of posts and updates for how-tos, recipes, tips and practical advice on how to make and use your homemade creations.
  • Share your favorite recipes and tricks with the group and I’ll feature them as guest posts on this blog.

Share your journey

Share with us how it’s going. Tell us what works and what doesn’t work for you. Feel free to post comments or email us at

It’s gonna be fun!!!!